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Hard to believe Hoops For Heart Health has been giving away AEDs for more than eight years now after Ryan Gomes initial “Let The Beat Go On Tour” of NBA Cities during the 2005-2006 season when Ryan was with the Boston Celtics. It’s still a race to get AED’s in places as Sudden Cardiac Arrest continues to be a leading cause of death in our young athletes, and there continue to be stories of saves with defibrillators on a regular basis. Ryan Gomes and Rachel Moyer have done more to spread the word about these miracle-saving machines with their efforts with Hoops For Heart Health over the past seven years than anyone could have imagined. Fortunately HHH will be donated it’s first AED outside of the US in 2013. I arranged a donation with Craig Heartstrong Foundation in Douglas, Isle of Man. This wonderful organization is trying to put AED’s in all schools in the entire country. The foundation was started after Craig Lunt, a local football player died after going into sudden cardiac arrest. Ironically, we have donated one to an American church that brought one to Nicaragua a couple of years ago, so while we have reached out to other parts of the world before, this is the first time a donation will be made on foreign soil. Don’t forget to keep June 22, 2014 on your calendar, as our annual dinner is that evening, back at The Aqua Turf Club in Southington, Connecticut. Stay tuned.

Wayne Simone

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