Ryan Addresses Students and Parents at Bucks Hill School. “EARN WHILE YOUR LEARN” Program
It has been an awesome three years since I have been involved with Ryan and Hoops For Heart Health. Ryan never ceases to amaze me! He is an extremely gifted speaker. No matter what event he is asked to speak at everyone walks away feeling better about themselves. Ryan has a special gift to reach out and connect to whoever listens. And trust me – everyone listens! He captures his audience and makes everyone feel comfortable. They are able to relate to his life, where he was and how he got there and where his is going. He makes you want to do better at whatever you are doing… whether you are a student, parent, athlete, professional – whoever you are – you feel hope and feel his drive to do better in life…and go for the things you want to accomplish. For him being 2nd rate is never an option. His life was not easy. He tells how through respecting his mother Teresa, who raised him single-handedly, as well as his teachers, coaches and just about everyone who touched his life – has made him who he is today. I can’t wait to hear him again at our next event!

Janice Baranoski

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